The After Glow is splendid + THANKS

Thank you all for your gracious comments and appreciations…


7 thoughts on “The After Glow is splendid + THANKS

  1. will Karen Eng’s photographs from Codex be posted in their entirety somewhere on the website or blog soon? Like on a Flickr page?

  2. The Codex in a nutshell.

    Lovely – lots of enthusiasm, many friends, some great art and books, incredibly well organized, lovely weather, and even some economic stimulus!

    Props to Peter and all the organizers and participants.

    Tragic – in a country with a black President and a state that is now primarily young, Latino, Asian and Native American, the room was predominantly (notice I qualify, this is about representational proportions – props to all those who represented, they are the pioneers!) filled with older Christian Caucasian people and lacked age, ethnic, religious, political and sexual diversity in the participants, products and in proportion to the Bay Area, California, the USA and the world. Its as if the 21st Century, DIY, post-modernism, multiculturalism, globalism and President Obama never happened.

    Now some of my best friends are old white people and some of my favorite books are about old white people but diversity is part of sustainability and the field and the Codex risks irrelevance in the greater world of culture unless some proportions of representation are radically changed.

    Can we become a more inclusive field – Yes we can!!!

    Will this be easy – no it won’t. For a conservative Euro-centric field to become more inclusive demands a level of self-awareness and critique that (as Johanna Drucker has often noted) does not now exist in the general culture of the field. Does the field have the will to investigate and solve this problem, I’m really not sure, there certainly wasn’t anyone talking about this issue in the symposium.

    But I suspect the will is there, percolating up with the younger generations of librarians, curators and artists joining the field.

    And I think its is part of the culture of hope that Obama’s election brings to America and the world, we will need to share our resources with a much more diverse population, we will need to search and welcome diverse cultural groups to the field.

    Is Booklyn or Marshall Weber or other educators and practitioners in the field trying to address this issue, yes they are…

    ask me how,

    and tell me how you and your organization is doing the same.


    Marshall @ Booklyn

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