Preparations for Codex




We are here in sunny Berkeley, slaving away, getting ready for Codex!


5 thoughts on “Preparations for Codex

  1. So I arrived home at 2 this morning & found a little note from the Department of Homeland Security saying that they had rifled through my book case somewhere between Oakland & New York. As far as I can see, the only thing they touched was book art object, taking it out of its shrink wrap. I guess you know you’ve got a good book when even a border guard can’t help themselves from opening it…

  2. Back here in France,
    to Peter, Susan, Vicky and the whole Codex team,
    I want to send a big thank for the enormous work which has permitted this Codex to exist. I had a (too) quick look at your beautiful books and I hope to be able to see your studio next time.
    Have a good rest!!!

  3. Dear Peter and Susan and everyone else,
    Thank you for all that you did to bring off Codex in such style. I am at home dazed and confused by the whirl of memories. Take a good, long, much deserved rest because I want you to keep doing it.

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